Romney Pulls Up Stakes….On Not Being a Feckless Panty-Waste


No Apologies!

In the town hall of 250 people — with his oversized debt clock as a backdrop — Romney addressed perceptions and concerns that he is “a flip flopper.”

“In the private sector,” he said, “if you don’t change your view when the facts change, well you’ll get fired for being stubborn and stupid. Winston Churchill said, ‘When the facts change I change too, Madam.” What do you do?”

That’s different from what he said a week ago, when he said he doesn’t change positions.

The American people “can tell when people are being phony and are pandering to an audience,” he said, “and you’ll see that in politics. You’re not going to see that in my campaign.”

Stop. Howling.

And for a moment consider the below, from Yes, Dear Leader More!-reader James Taranto’s yesterly missive:

The technocratic approach to government Orszag describes–in which panels of experts make decisions insulated from democratic politics–has been central to progressivism in its various iterations for about a century. It has a parallel in the business world in the culture of management consulting. That is the culture that produced Mitt Romney.

But the purpose of a business is to make a profit. Sometimes the best way to do this, especially when the enterprise is faltering and needs to be turned around, is to concentrate power in the hands of experts. The purpose of the government, by contrast, is to preserve freedom.

Thus in the political realm, one should always be suspicious of concentrations of power. Is Romney?

In fact, Mr. Taranto is moderating by word choice. The next president had better be hostile  to “[national] concentrations of power.”

The next president needs character and vision, balls and beliefs–a “how to win” instinct and a penchant for “getting things done” are so far down the ledger they’ve become disqualifications.

But Barry has done so much of the psephological heavy-lifting already! Our nominee has to be just-barely electable!!

–But balls and beliefs are a deal-breaker.

thanks JV/L