An Election Unlike Any Other


Which of course makes it an election…pretty much like every other.

Rocky, predictable, mostly over-determined by un-knowledge, that which we lack epistemological instruments (sometimes called good information) on which to perform best-practices analysis and make responsible votes.

So be it–

There are two questions you ought to ask every time you choose among candidates, and because this is the Pre-Armageddon Pushback, never-gonna-get-it-back Hail Mary against dissolving the American Experiment primary vote….You’re basically going to end up asking the same two questions you always (should) have asked:

1) Given an inadequate brace of indicators, do I like and believe in my man’s character?

and, 2) (Given the same stuff) does he have a vision for the times?

Back in 2000 you voted for George W Bush, because–Well, maybe you didn’t think 2000 was the end of times.

Back in 2000 you may not even have educated yourself enough to realize “Compassionate Conservativism” was just another bit of Eisenhowerian goose-stepping toward civilizational death.

And so in 2000, to question 1) you said: “Sure, I guess!”

And on 2) you probably shrugged–“Sure, fine, hey.”

(Hey, it wasn’t end-of-times).

But now?

Given the indicators, such as Romney’s embrace of: health-care mandates, Roe vs. Wade, anthropogenic global warming, a scaled minimum wage, gun control, TARP, gay rights and more (in every case meliorated by the fact that Mr. Careful has reversed himself politically since becoming a professional candidate)–Do I believe in my man’s character?

Well, of course–NO!

Remember, supposedly, he can win.

OK, given all that, does Mr. Careful have a vision for the times?

Perhaps we can leave aside quoting certain asinine drivel that has come from our man, because it’s tiresome, because it’s so blatant, and ask: Given his depthless flunking of question 1), does Mitt Romney have any vision?

We know he has a political vision. It’s the vision where he visualizes himself president. This is one bit of projection on which Mr. Romney has never ostensibly crossed himself.

In the end, Mitt seems to have about the character and vision it takes to sleep with a lot of different women without having anybody end up hating you.

How about Perry?

Given the predominant lack of real information, does he seem to possess character?

Does he have a vision for the times?

Well, I hate to revert to Mitt, but remember in his case these two questions are mostly closed in the negative.

For now I’ll just observe that when it comes to Perry, you’d have thought there was still hope.

Perhaps if what are for convenience called conservatives can’t hold out hope till better information arrives, we deserve Mitt Romney.

Or worse.