Eugenics, is it Dumb or Awesome?


Jonah notes a progressive godfather of the New Deal Era who just happened to be an early pro-abort hero as well as an active eugenicist who destroyed hundreds of lives.

Incidentally we get the whole historic curiosity of classic and modern Progressivism in one sentence:

“He was a hero with women’s reproductive rights. I would just be shocked if Wallace Kuralt were playing the game of ‘improve the stock,’ ” says Dr. John Johnston, a retired pediatrician and public health leader.

Kuralt retired almost 40 years ago and died in 1994. His key aides also have died, and memories have faded of the decisions that changed hundreds of lives. Some women came forward willingly. Some patients were little more than children who didn’t understand what was to take place. Today, it is impossible to tease out the exact mix of good intentions and overzealous execution, prejudice and paternalism that let such a crusade run unchecked.

No doubt.