If You’re Still Wondering How to Read the Rubin


Hey, at least you’re reading a blog founded in part to help you do that correctly, as well as point out how much less physically appealing the blogger (i.e. Rubin) is than the Alaskan sex-bot (aka Palin).

Let this intro be a warning sign unto ye:

Republicans are now confessing openly: The current field is weak, and Texas Gov. Rick Perry leaves them with substantial doubts. This conversation from the “Panel Plus” discussion of “Fox News Sunday” is illuminating…..

Okay, a bunch of establishment types no one knows, on a stiffly produced Saturday afternoon news show no one watches, are “illuminating” as to the “substantial doubts” among “republicans.”

That’s great, Jen. Has a positively confirmed (former, whatever that means) lover of fetus-extinguishment ever won the Republican nod in your lifetime?

How bout a former, whatever-that-means, fullthroated supporter of the normalization of same-sex marriage?

But wait! Paul Gigot hates Sarah Palin too!