Recommended Reading for Dear Leader


Gosh, I hope our boy is caught this over the weekend:

President Barack Obama may have an unfavorable rating of 50 percent, but he still leads every major Republican candidate in the field, according to a new survey by Public Policy Polling. That’s remarkable given the dismal state of the economy. Median household income declined in real (after-inflation) terms during the first two years of Obama’s presidency, the only ones we have data for. According to a new Census study, real median household income was, at the end of 2010, down 6.4 percent since 2007 (i.e., since before the recession). Unemployment stands at 9.1 percent. The poverty rate went up during Obama’s first two years, and it now stands at 15.1 percent. No wonder this guy’s unbeatable! […]

In these dark days of Obama’s presidency, Obama’s biggest electoral problem is that these numbers might make him overconfident. How lucky can you get?

The worse the better.

Yes, Dear Leader, More!

Update: Confirmed.