What in the Hell Does the Government Think a “Job” Is?


I’m no expert. In fact I can only speak from the tingly feeling I got from the latest 30-second Government Sachs spot I watched: “Teh Progress.”

When you build a HUGE stadium in a decrepit, abandoned urban core, what happens?

JOBS. Permanent jobs.

The union heavies to whom you dish the construction funds spend it in two important ways: chili dogs and prostitutes.

JOBS. Permanent jobs.

Those paid-sex operators and wiener-trolley engineers have to spend their windfall profit somewhere, right? Well where?

Bars. Slick chain bars.

And slick chain bars mean miserable wait-staffs.

JOBS. Permanent jobs.

Miserable wait-staffs mean…what?

Pot dealers and liquor stores with teh job security.

More JOBS.

Pot dealers and liquor store owners suffering the effects of Wealth Effects mean?

Isn’t it obvious?

1.5 x the original chili dogs and prostitutes (multiplier effect confirmed).

And on and on.

Government Sachs: Burying your kids in advance.

Teh Progress!!