Toward a 21st Century Platform — Planks #1 and #2


Plank#1: A Rebirth of Intolerance.

Tolerance itself can only be amoral or immoral. Thus, as a political or ethical standard it is incoherent, and represents and subsumes the political and ethical incoherance of Progressive thought.

Tolerance is everywhere and always temporary. It is a sort of moral abeyance, a pause. To call it a moral standard is not merely arguable, it is a category-fail; it does not rise to logical representation.

In this society, which we have decided to save, a great deal more intolerance is needed.

As this is a draft document, I will nominate a a couple groups we can start off by not tolerating:

  • People that don’t work. One of the strangest carnival-freak constituencies normalized by 20th century Leftism. Of course, these people will always have the free choice how and when to sell their labor, and so they must have the right not to sell if they so choose. This is why in the 21st century we must bring back government cheese, with similar debasements. It should be disreputable and, at least, very unenjoyable to be poor. Of course, it should involve “food insecurity,” rather than subsidized excess that the budget conscious non-poor must eschew. It should mean the threat of hunger for oneself, and one’s kids. Of course the institutions that punted social welfare to the national government in the early 20th century will have to get back to work too. The civil society, one that feeds, defends and orders itself, is not something called out of thin air, nor something that can be simply granted to a theft-class willfully draining limited resources. Sloth must be disincentivized with the appropriate levels of humiliation and wretchedness.
  • People that don’t like the country. In the sixties this was transgressive, became fashionable, and is now merely the milieu of public and, of course, higher education. On the other hand, people with whom we have political disagreements but who love the country (true Old Left types, perhaps, of which there are two or three under the age of 90), are our loyal opposition and, in a sense, our brothers. People who despise America are our enemies.

The Tolerance of Everything but Intolerance ethos is too stupid (though stupefyingly widespread) to bear re-clobbering here. Suffice it say that political correctness was created, as part of a larger project of making Human Nature obsolete,  to make traditionalism impossible, or at least incomprehensible. This has succeeded, over decades, and to the waste of millions of minds and moral agents (See “The Missing Fifth” just for starters).

The push-back is on.

Plank#2: The Re-Legalization of Child-Suffering

The War on Poverty is to child abuse what the Holocaust was to murder.

Women, who by birth-right ought to be our toughest, most clear-eyed constituency, must realize–RIGHT NOW, if we’re going to keep the country–that subsidizing poverty means condemning children to broken, drug-addled and (in the most unsentimental sense of the term)  primitive cultures. Suffering will always exist somewhere at a given time. Only the government can turn it into an institution.

This is not even to mention the absolute, unchecked police-power various bureaucracies have acquired for tending the dilapidated souls in our social state. I know, it feels like a free country right up to the point where Child Services decides to investigate you for this or that, and in the process puts your children at knife-point and steals everything you have….

If we are to own our existence, of which family is the most urgent concern, parents must be allowed to raise their children wrong. Most of what the social state terms “abuse,” and places beneath its incontestable police power, will go back to being a family responsibility. Simultaneously, we will have to stop assaulting the family unit itsel; institutions like HUD and SNAP are abiding federal subsidies of drug abuse, philandering, domestic assault, fatherlessness and what social pathology you will.

Nothing could be worse for and child than sentence to a government solution.


Plank #3: Esoteric Federalism

Plank #4: Absolute Individualism]