I Was Going to Blog at the Washington Post but They Found Out My Parents are Married


Just one more thing, to be fair.

It’s important to know why and how to read Jennifer.

I read her two or three times a week, compared to things I care about, which I read perhaps a dozen or more times a day. If you really want to know what congressional aides think about a recent pronouncement of Obama’s, well, I read her, because she reports such things seriously.

When congressional aides complain about the Tea Party on the grounds that the Tea Party doesn’t get how awful hard it is being a congressional–


Sorry, having an un-called for straddling the washing machine sex romp (in my mind alas) with the former governor of Alaska, the legs-as-long-as-who-cares-when Sarah Palin.

Sarah Palin is foine, as we said the the nineties. I don’t remember what I was talking about….

Oh, Jenn Rubin. Fine, yeah, I’d do her if the bombs were dropping.