Cool. Empathic. Krugman.


A question, on the occasion of Dr. Krugman’s most recent installment of hate-delerium, of special, superlative inhumanity and liberal-left jingoism: Aren’t these guys supposed to be the sensitive types?

As we watch the Progressive Argument unravel, owing not least to its most undisciplined apostles (and shrinking messiahs), mark the day, 9/11/11:

The Left–NO empathy.

HATE frames their intellectual orientation just as it overdetermines their politics. When things are burning in the street next fall, pursuant to Obama’s ‘temporary’ suspension of elections, keep it in mind. You KNOW what they’re like on the inside.

The dream, such as it was, will have continued to dilapidate and epmemorize, and what will remain is hatred–FOR YOU, all of you. It doesn’t stop for 9/11, it doesn’t stop at Christmas, and it sure won’t stop on election day. The vapid perversion of Dr. Krugman is what’s on the inside of the New Left. We haven’t even  made it to their worst election year in a century. You will see more.