The Romney Juggernaut


Over at The Corner….For the Heebs ®,  Bushie Peter Wehener weighs in on the debate-stumbles of frontrunner Rick Perry.

[W]hat is also working against the Texas governor is his surge of support after announcing he would run for president was based on people, the majority of whom had hardly ever seen him before and knew very little about him. It is not as if he has (like was the case with Ronald Reagan) built up much loyalty over the years, which can help candidates when they hit rough patches. For many conservatives, Rick Perry was essentially a tabula rasa. That isn’t the case anymore; and he’s proved to be less, arguably much less, than advertised.

What’s happening in the debates is actually good for Perry, and thus good for us. Michelle Bachmann should keep hard-charging Perry because he’s a national neophyte and he’s going need the chops. The loser chorus should continue to gang-up on Perry for the same reason, and don’t be surprised if he cracks a few more times. Sarah Palin should not enter the race, because it would help Romney and Obama, which she knows perfectly well.

As for Romney, Jonathan Last has done a great job combing through Romney’s extensive experience as a loser of elections. I’ll just add this: if there’s one thing Tea Partiers have sworn never to do again as long as they live, it’s vote for a phoney. And the fact that Romney is a phoney is as simple a of fact of historical record you can find.